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G-7 Gives Russia One Month Deadline

G-7 Gives Russia One Month Deadline
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

President Obama with the backing of the G-7 countries has given Russian President Putin one month to help diffuse the situation in the Ukraine. Putin has in the past said that he would pull back Russian troops from the border of Ukraine and Russia, but at this point in time little has been done. Putin has stated he would work with the newly elected president of the Ukraine who he did just meet with in person for the first time the other day. Putin has said in the past that he would talk with the separatists fighting in the Ukraine and the rebels are still taking over bases in the Eastern Ukraine. In other words the G-7 has finally said that if Russia doesn't within a month change its course and direction in this conflict that sanctions a lot more extreme in the past will be enforced and this time it will cost Russia where it hurts, financially.

The Ukrainian conflict is now in its ninth month. When the ousted former President of the Ukraine had come out and said that he was going to deal with the European Union this sent Putin over the edge. It led to Putin talking the Ukraine into coming back over to Russia and this led the citizens to riot and force the President to flee. He ran to Moscow and has been there ever since.

Putin began to secure Russian troops along the so called troubled Crimea peninsula when rioting started to take over that section of the Ukraine. What was funny about all this is that Russia instigated all the rioting. The Crimea eventually went back to Russia which is what Putin wanted all along.The Ukraine just held an election and Putin has done little in talking with the new president this leaving everyone guessing as to his intentions.

The proclamation by the G-7 seems to leave everyone with the understanding that enough is enough. Putin must press the rebels to lay down their weapons or face the consequences. Now whether Putin follows through that is to be seen. The question also that comes to mind is will the G-7 going to actually get tough with Russia or not. More to come.