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FX orders 13 episodes of Del Toro vampire series 'The Strain'

FX has ordered 13 episodes of a Guillermo del Toro vampire series called "The Strain."
FX has ordered 13 episodes of a Guillermo del Toro vampire series called "The Strain."FX

On Feb. 9 The Gaurdian shares that FX has ordered 13 episodes of an exciting new vampire series called "The Strain." The series is written and will also be directed by Guillermo del Toro and debut in July of 2014-- roughly the same time as the final season of "True Blood" will be starting on HBO.

Make no mistake, this series will not be anything romantic, there will be no sparkling, and no fangs. Del Toro has taken his story largely from Polish vampire myths that take vampires in a horrifying light. This is a rather risque series for FX, largely in line with some of the other darker series such as "Sons of Anarchy" and "American Horror Story."

For del Toro's vision, his vampires have horrifying stingers instead of fangs and also slimy parasitic worms from ever orifice. These will be horrifying creatures unlike anything that vampire fans have seen on the small screen to date. As part of the monstrous transformation, del Toro's vampires actually "shed their atrophied genitals in one phase of their parasite-induced mutation, making gender identification (and romance) of the monsters nearly impossible after full transformation."

FX hopes to largely target "The Walking Dead" viewers with this dystopian apocalyptic show that will leave you horrified and on the edge of your seat. Are you excited to finally see some vampires that aren't sparkly but actually what vampires are meant to be?