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FWS wants to reduce burdens on light goose hunters

The Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) wants to ease the burdens on goose hunters. FWS is proposing to reduce the paperwork required of both hunters and governments regarding the harvest of certain light goose populations in the Atlantic, Central and Mississippi flyways.

FWS is announcing the proposed changes in requirements in the Federal Register of Tuesday, Feb. 18. You can read them at

FWS is taking public comments until March 20 on the information collection aspects of the proposed regulatory change, and until April 21 on other aspects.

The new rules would apply to greater snow geese, lesser snow geese and Ross’ geese. FWS says it wants to change the rules because the population of these light-colored geese have mushroomed over the last three decades and are harming the environment, the population of other geese and farming.

“We believe that several of these populations have exceeded the long-term carrying capacity of their breeding and/or migration habitats and must be reduced,” the agency explains.

The proposed rules would reduce the information collection required by states and Indian tribes regarding the 1999 conservation order concerning out-of-season harvests. Therefore, they would reduce the information hunters have to provide the governments. It would eliminate, for instance, information provided about the methods used to shoot geese, such as electronic calls.

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