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FWLV: Chic Geek comes of age

Fashion Week Las Vegas started its new season on August 18, 2014, and they chose to lead off their shows with a presentation by a local “emerging designer,” Pamela Humphrey of Chic Geek. It's a good symbolic choice. Las Vegas has gotten to something of a state of maturity as a city, but its fashion industry is just emerging. There are too many other distractions in the city, and hitting the critical mass of designers, advertising agencies, fashion publications and production has been a long time coming. The city still isn't quite there, but people like Pamela help.

Model Amierah for Chic Geek in Fashion Week Las Vegas.
by author
Liberty Pfeffer making her modeling debut for Chic Geek
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Her life story, in a way, mirror's the relationship of Las Vegas to fashion. She felt the urge – that need to create, to have her own style. She took sewing class in High School and began creating her own clothes to set down a distinctive fashion marker. But despite her acceptance to a fashion design school, distance, family responsibilities and just the normal pattern of making a living all drew her away from her love of fashion. College, a corporate career and life as a civil servant paid the bills. But she wasn't satisfied. She still had that fashion itch that needed to be scratched.

Finally, after 30 years of being a professional working woman, she had a traumatic loss that shook up the comfortable, conservative life she had been living, and gave her a chance to reconsider what was really important in her life. She had gotten to that state of accomplishment and maturity; now was the time to branch out into things more fulfilling.

And so now Pamela is launching her new line of women's novelty clothing, featuring custom handcrafted neckwear in several of the pieces. The Chic Geek show at FWLV was admirably varied, encompassing women's suits, lingerie and fun, flirty dresses. Pamela is off to a good start. Again.