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Future Fisherman Foundation partners with “Nothin’ But Net”

Future Fisherman Foundation partners with “Nothin’ But Net”
Future Fisherman Foundation partners with “Nothin’ But Net”

Not your typical junior high school athlete. Blake Creekmore (his father happens to own the local bait shop) is someone who introduces his friends to the sport of fishing and teaches them a few lessons about conservation as well. “It’s the kind of story that fits our Hooked on Fishing Not on drug fishing enthusiasts, as well as the SuperFish Program coming out this fall,” said F3 Executive Director Mark Gintert.

Future Fisherman Foundation announces partnership with writer Kristopher Rutherford “Nothin’ But Net”

To help Kristopher Rutherford promote his new book, “Nothin’ But Net.” “I’m thrilled to be hooking up with F3 to publish and distribute the book. The organization’s mission is exactly what I had in mind when I was developing the characters and the plot-introducing fishing to kids as a sport and involving them for life.”

Youth sports novel

Kids like books that are fast paced and written about sports. Fishing is one of the few co-ed sporting events out there. Many schools have sports where the boys play separately from the girls. Co-ed teams support mutual respect. Fishing expertise and ability doesn’t fall along gender lines. Having sexually-segregated teams means girls don’t play if there is not a girls team.

More and more children have less and less contact with the outdoors

64-percent of today’s children go outside only one time a week. Go to to purchase the book. It’s an easy read and would be great for teachers to read with their students. Get ready, get set. Go fishing.

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