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Future Ferraris to go from red to green


Ferrari, the iconic sports
car manufacturer known
for its red blooded automo-
biles. Well, the company
plans to go from red to green!

Green is a future Ferrari theme!

A Green Ferrari will seem a
bit unusual indeed. However,
the automaker confirms that it
is coming.

The Hybrid Kinetic Energy
Recovery System (HY-KERS)
is a hybrid concept that will be
used on the 599 GTB Fiorano

that was showcased at the Geneva auto show. Ferrari says that a production version
of the car will arrive in three to five years, but the company has not said in what
production vehicle. And in ten years from now, maybe even much sooner, Ferrari
will have all electric motoring.

For the HY-KERS concept, Ferrari replaced the 599’s six-speed manual with
the seven-speed duel clutch automatic transmission from the 458 Italia which
accommodates the electric drive components. This consists of an electric motor
rated at 107 hp and 111 lb. ft. of torque located behind the car’s transmission.
The lithium-ion battery pack stores 3 kWh of energy. The car’s V12 engine
is essentially unchanged, however, the alternator has been exchanged for a
motor generator that powers the car’s accessories when the engine is not
running. In addition to improved gas mileage, the hybrid system will enable
Ferrari to meet tightening emissions standards.

The total weight of the electric system is impressive at only 220 pounds.
Regarding the extra weight, Ferrari has located the battery packs under the
floorpan, and the motor is located behind the rear transaxle. The result,
as compared to current Ferraris, is a car has a lower center of gravity and
55 percent (rather than 53 percent) of its weight is over the rear wheels.

The HY-KERS system has regenerative braking, start/stop at traffic lights,
pure electric drive and electric boost during hard acceleration. Additionally,
it has a mode called ‘load point-moving’ that directs the V12 engine to power
the car and also charge the battery enabling the engine to do what it does best
at high rpms but (because of the electric motor) operate at greater efficiency
at lower revs. And one more small detail, this Ferrari looks like it will have
matching green brake calipers!

Visit the slide show below to see more of this future green Ferrari!

Be it red or green, one thing is for certain – Ferrari will be on top of it in
its traditional big way!

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