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Future Bright For Houston Rockets

Despite the six weeks that have passed since the Houston Rockets first round playoff ouster at the
hands of the Portland Trailblazers, the pain is still fresh in the hearts of Rockets fans. Though the discouragement felt
by Rockets fans after watching the gross underachievement of such a talented basketball team is well warranted, all is
not lost. There are many good reasons for Rockets fans to feel great about the team's future prospects.

The biggest reason for Houston Rockets fans to feel encouraged about next year is Dwight Howard. With the long
haul of the NBA season it is easy to forget that Dwight Howard was a first year member of the Houston Rockets. His
chemistry and cohesiveness with teammates should be much improved next year. In addition to this fact the Houston Rockets
center is healthier than he has been in years. The stellar play Howard displayed in the playoffs will make the team
legitimate title contenders for years to come.

The Houston Rockets also possess arguably the best shooting guard in the NBA in James Harden. What's
more, the twenty-four year old Harden still has tremendous upside. Once Harden makes the conscious decision
to be more of a factor on defense and develops the killer instinct to play his best basketball in the team's
biggest moments, The Houston Rockets will have the best one-two punch in the NBA.

The supporting cast has been underestimated for the Houston Rockets. Chandler Parsons is emerging as
an NBA star. Patrick Beverly has provided stellar play at point guard and forward Terrence Jones at twenty-two
years old seemingly has limitless potential to round out the starting lineup. The bench is more than solid with
Omar Asik and Jeremy Lin capable of becoming a formidabe center and point guard tandem in their own right.

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