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Futbol provides world fun

The World Cup thus far has been just one fun and dramatic affair. From Spain being whipped out of the tournament, with their counterpart England, with their now usual early exit, it seems that Portugal may just join the ensemble of teams that have star studded line ups, who are making early exist out of the tournament. Big name nations it seems this year are no show to futbol dance, with Mexico and Brazil squaring off in 0-0 in their second match in their group. The game would be an experience to remember, with the Mexican goal keeper being the savior of the day. After endless attacks and bombardment by Neymar and his supporting cast, the Mexican goal keeper and the backline stood firm, allowing them to keep a fair record past one of the arch rivals to now breeze through Croatia into the knockout rounds.

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coker george
Futbol Brazil 2014
Coker George

Futbol surprise darlings this year is the nation of Costa Rico, which are standing strong, knocking down two futbol power house nations, first Uruguay, 3-1 in their first match and then 2006 champions Italy in their second match, 1-0, with a chilling header that shocked the futbol world. As chants and songs are sung all across Brazil and the world, we continue to roll on to the next match and round, as the world greatest game put on a display of its most talented. It would be a sad experience to see the last two World Cup champs Spain and Italy exit in such a fashion but it just to show the world that futbol has been prevalent and well played all over the world. What is certainly true, is that World Cup 2014 has in fact become a South American, American, and African event, with only nations from these continents remain lay mostly in the tournament. Every game, from start to finish has been an exciting match to witness, with numerous goals and the world best futbol being played like.

With the first round of the world now over, the real excitement and pressure is now to follow with the intensity being saved for the knockout phase, where each team must fight for their nation’s survival to get futbol ultimate prize and bragging rights, hosting of the golden trophy. This is what it is all about, waiting, training, and breeding stars over a four year period, allowing them to one day become the delight and joy of their nations. With so many big name teams and stars coming this year with the hopes of being that elite world cup legend, only a few or just maybe one will be crowned with the golden boot of the tournament, having performed game in and out at the highest level. Thus far this world, it seems that Ruben of the Netherlands has been the most astonishing performer, created opportunities and chances for his teammates and just being plane surgical when he is in the box or the last 1/3, finishing as a true striker should.

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