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Fustini's Vinegars Hosting Cooking Classes

Chef-led Events Are In Ann Arbor, Holland, Petoskey, TC

Four Fustini's Vinegar and Oils locations now offer gourmet cooking demonstration classes. Here Chef Andy rolls dough for Italian cannellon
Bill Semion

Fustini's, the Michigan-based gourmet vinegar and olive oil company with five stores in Michigan, has added a little something to its larder of offerings: cooking demonstration classes in four of them.
Classes focusing on using various vinegars and olive oils from Fustini's own stocks, of course, to creat everything from salads and main courses, to even desserts, run 30 minutes to two hours long depending on the topic, and take place across the state.
You can find the location of the next event and what it covers, from basic sauce reductions and glazes and main dishes from Italian to cooking outdoors, to creating your own salad dressings, veggies, soups, even drinks.
Corporate Chef Andy Stewart leads the events and also provides advice on food parings. At each session, you get to sample what he prepares and also receive a $10 credit towards any product purchase. Private sessions and group sessions for eight or more also are available
Register for classes by phone or email at three locations. For Ann Arbor, call 734-213-1110, email For Holland, 616-392-1111, or For Petoskey, 231-758-3575, or Check the calendar at its website for downtown Traverse City classes, or call 231-944-4115. The website carries even more recipes you can use to mix up your summer menu.

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