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Further Stage Adventures in Oz, Part Forty-one: Just a Few More pictures

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I'd mentioned earlier that for one of the three performances of Cascone and Doyle's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which my wife and I attended, the role of Glinda the Good was played by another performer. The photos I've been sharing with you came from the shows in which Joanne Kennedy played the Sorceress of the South, but the DVD (created by the father of Kelly "Dorothy Gale" Sanders) contained an "extra" featuring the performance of Catherine Uy in the role.

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Some people don't deal well with recasts, but I've always been fascinated by the different dynamic it can bring to a show, especially on stage. Kennedy and Uy both played Glinda as wise, gracious, and kind, but neither took off the performance of the other, and both embodied Glinda brilliantly.