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Further details on Koschman investigation are released

Courtesy of Getty Images
Courtesy of Getty Images

A new report released by Special Prosecutor Dan Webb on Tuesday clears former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley of using any influence in the death investigation of David Koschman involving his nephew, Richard Vanecko.

A statement accompanying the reports specifically states, "There was no evidence that former Mayor Daley, his family, or others at their direction engaged in conduct to influence or attempted to influence the investigations." However, the report does highlight the special treatment that Richard "R.J." Vanecko received even without any interference from the mayor.

The report details "clumsy" mistakes that were made by the police. Files were lost, the lineups weren't held on time and the police did not do the job they were supposed to.

Vanecko is serving 60 days in jail after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of the 21-year-old Koschman. Vanecko admitted to punching Koschman during a late night drunken altercation in 2004. The blow caused Koschman to strike the pavement when he hit the ground. He was hospitalized for 11 days leading up to his death.

Vanecko was sentenced to 60 days in jail, 60 days of home confinement and was ordered to pay the victim's mother Nanci Koschman $20,000 for expenses and apologize to her in court.