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FurRefresh is a 'lickable' pet shampoo

A new safe shampoo for pets
A new safe shampoo for pets
Holcombe Organics

Holcombe Organics has come up with an all-natural dry shampoo, called FurRefresh. It's safe for cats and dogs, and has also been successfully tested on horses and goats.

It's new technology in pet shampoos.

We all love our pets and FurRefresh also provides therapy for our beloved pets when they get those little itching fits.

The inventor of FurRefresh has been involved in animal rescue for 25 years, Having seen dogs and cats come from abusive environments, many are scared to be bathed. These are dogs that need love and comfort and also a bath to get clean.

Pet owners can be confident that if they bathe their little furry friends in FurRefresh, they will love the experience.
It's a dry shampoo is non-threatening, easy to use, and conditions/deoderizes coats.

It has a hidden whitening ingredient to help brighten white fur and it's a "green" and eco friendly product.

FurRefresh contains soothing and simple ingredients that relieve itchy skin and keep insects away. The culinary spices provide wonderful scents, and two scents (lavender and vanilla) offer built-in aromatherapy. FurRefresh even contains a culinary whitening ingredient to brighten white coats.

Per Holcombe Organics, here are the scents and benefits of FurRefresh:
Cinnamon: Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory
Clove Antioxidant, Reduction of Digestive Problems
Lavender: Relaxation, Stress Reduction - Aromatherapy
Vanilla: Antioxidant, Anxiety Reduction - Aromatherapy

Treat your pet to a great shampoo.

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