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Furnish your place for free

Fill your place with free furniture.
Fill your place with free furniture.
Photo by Ben Babcock via Flickr

Furnishing your new residence does not have to be a financial burden. Instead, it can be fun and cheap as you can do it for free. Therefore, here are five things you can do to get free furniture to your new home.

Ask around

Many people have furniture at their house that they are not using or do not need. Whether it is in their basement or living room, they could care less about keeping it. Therefore, ask them if they have any unused couches, sofas, lamps, beds, dressers, dishes, or more that they are willing to give away.

Live posts

If you have a social networking account (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), send out a posts asking for free furniture. There is a good chance that you may end up with more than you asked for.


Check your local junkyard for unwanted goods. You may just find treasure in what somebody else thought was trash.

Craig's List

Craig's List is another great place to find free stuff. You may find additional furniture being offered that you were not even planning to own.

Recycle old furniture

Last but not the least, reuse the furniture you may currently own. Be creative and find new ways to use furniture you thought may be no good.

That old dresser can be a nice television stand or entertainment center. The living room couch can serve as a bed until you can afford to purchase a new bed. Your old cups can serve as cool vases for in house flowers, piggybanks, or writing utensil collection spots.

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