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Furlesse patches prove perfect for selfies,big dates or gifts for moms

Furlesse patches provide instant gratification
Furlesse patches provide instant gratification
Courtesy and permission to use by Furlesse

Ever notice how those popular selfies can be your worst enemy? You know when you shoot so close that ever line and frown mark becomes exaggerated. Well there’s an app for that, not one you need a mobile device for, it’s Furlesse, little miracle patches that temporarily relax lines, wrinkles and even that ugly indention between the eyes.

The patches come in 30-day supplies that target crows feet, lips, lines on the forehead and frown marks. They cost $19.99 at the JC Penny Sephora counter, at and other E-tailers. While you're at pick some up for your Mom as a Mother's Day gift, she will love you more for it.

Personal opinion after sampling all the options is that the patches are perfect for a quick fix when you want to look your very best. You need to clean your face before applying and then wear them where you need them for about an hour. You will be surprised when you look in the mirror or shoot that selfie to see line and wrinkle-free skin. Alas if only it would last. But it is needle-free and costs much less than Botox (which needs to be redone at least twice or more a year). You can redo Furlesse as often as you like, it’s harmless and inexpensive.

This product is definitely the bomb for babes who just need to look fabulous at a moment’s notice.