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Funny Yelp comment of the week: A Sazerac is like a dry margarita


Photo by A. Gallatin ©2009

Congratulations Sarah B., you have the funniest Yelp comment of the week! Sarah visited The Good Knight in east Austin on July 4th after seeing a movie at The Ritz Alamo Drafthouse, and she had a very interesting experience!

Sarah B.'s review of The Good Knight was well written and interesting in the beginning, but her comments on her cocktails destroyed each and every piece of her credibility.

And so she begins:

"Our waitress was friendly and recommended her favorite to me. I believe it was called a Sazerac - it had rye in it and she said it tasted like a dry margarita. And unfortunately, it did."

Okay. As a frequent visitor of The Good Knight, I am one hundred percent positive her waitress did not tell her that a Sazerac tastes like a dry margarita. She most likely said a "dry Manhattan," although that's still not the most accurate description. A Sazerac is rye whiskey stirred with bar syrup and bitters, strained into a chilled glass rinsed with absinthe. Margarita?!

And what's better? Sarah B. was appalled that her drink actually *did* taste like a "dry margarita." No wonder she's confused.

And Sarah B. continues: 

"Despite our disappointment we decided to try two more drinks. She ordered the watermelon margarita (?) and I went for the Sidecar. Again, our drinks fell short of enjoyable. My Sidecar didn't even have sugar on the rim of the glass. Who was this bartender anyway? Could he really be the same one everyone's been raving about?"

Excuse me while I let lose a frustrated sigh.

Sarah B., I'm going to assume that the suggestive question mark after "watermelon margarita" was your written equivalent of a dazed stare and move on to more important matters. 

First, the sugared rim on a Sidecar is often debated and is considered as an optional addition. Many highly respected bartenders and mixologists don't include in in their recipe. Those who do use it aren't wrong, they are just on a different side of the fence. Just in case you don't believe me, here are two videos from two different people I respect with two different views on the Sidecar.

Jeffery Morgenthaler

Common Man Cocktails

The next time you order a Sidecar and you want it with a sugared rim, just ask for it to be sure. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

Second, the bartender's name is Billy, and he is a very nice gentleman who loves nothing more than teaching people about classic cocktails. Next time you visit, just ask him a question instead of writing funny comments on Yelp.

Hope this helps, Sarah B.!


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