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Funny Video: Why you should never lie in 'The People's Court' (with video)


       And here's the precise moment where the judge realizes how dumb the defendant is.

When gearing up for an appearance on "The People's Court", it's important to remember a few things, like: always have all your necessary documentation available for the judge to look over, always be respectful to the judge and bailiff, and-- perhaps most importantly of all-- never use white-out on your case-winning evidence.  For whatever reason, judges-- even fake judges, like the ones who preside over "The People's Court"-- tend to get all bent outta shape about that sorta thing, as the video below from shows us.  Keep reading for the footage, my gentle Examiner readers...

Precisely how stupid do you have to be to go to court with an obviously falsified document?  Pretty damned stupid, but seeing the judge figure out what you've done just means a whole lotta entertainment for the rest of us.  Check it out:

World's. DumbestDefendant Plaintiff?  You make the call.

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  • Will 4 years ago

    That would be world's dumbest plaintiff...and apparently world's dumbest blogger >.>