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Funny Video: What happens when you combine HBO's 'The Wire'...with LEGO?

HBO's "The Wire" gets the LEGO treatment in today's Funny Video (from director Joe Nicolosi)
HBO's "The Wire" gets the LEGO treatment in today's Funny Video (from director Joe Nicolosi)

We've been doing our best to get back in the swing of things here at Comedy Examiner HQ! After a way-too-long break, we're situating ourselves back in the saddle to bring you-- at the very least-- a daily dose of comedy. The best way to do that? Funny Videos. Every day at Comedy Examiner HQ, you can expect to get at least one Funny Video (painstakingly gathered from the darkest corners of the internet by our team of hardworking interns). Wanna see one now? Read on, my gentle Examiner readers...

Yes, yes, I know: we've been slacking here at Comedy Examiner HQ, you've missed us, and you're never going to forgive us our absenteeism. Believe me: we get it. We've been missing in action these past couple months, but our newly instated "Comedy Examiner HQ Initiative" (which states that we'll be bringing you at least one Funny Video, Photo, or otherwise-amusing thing per day) should help ease some of that pain.

Let's keep that train a-rolling with today's Funny Video, located over there on the left. If you click that 'Video' box, you'll be taken to a magical place where video-based online entertainment awaits you. The subject of today's clip? HBO's The Wire, by way of LEGOs. This one was put together by Comedy Examiner associate Joe Nicolosi (you've seen his stuff before, and if you haven't, you'll be glad to get acquainted with him today), and featuring the voices of Chris Gibson, Aaron Spivey-Sorrells, Danu Uribe, the mighty Zach Carlson, Victor Steele, and Isaac Solomon, it might just be the funniest thing we've seen all week.

Oh, and also? Just a reminder: it's The Wire, so don't be surprised if there's naughty words. In fact, you may just wanna bookmark the page and come back to it if you're at work (don't want the boss getting any weird ideas about your viewing habits, do ya?).

Click the 'Video' box for the ha-ha, and stay tuned for more-- every day, rain or shine-- from Comedy Examiner HQ in the near future, folks! We're going to keep this thing going no matter what, and are glad to be back! Stay tuned!


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