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Funny Video: Jimmy Kimmel has a few choice words for Lady Gaga's 'meat dress'

Oh, Lady Gaga, you are such a card.
Oh, Lady Gaga, you are such a card.

If you happened to be watching the VMA's the other night, then you'll probably recall the absurd all-meat "dress" that Lady Gaga arrived wearing. The dress has been the topic of many conversations since Sunday night, but perhaps none as entertaining as the choice words that Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Kimmel (see what we did there?) had on his show last night. Take a look at what Kimmel had to say in the video on the left, my gentle Examiner readers...

At this point, we should all know that if Lady Gaga's been invited somewhere, she's going to show up in the most disastrously over-produced outfits that someone can assemble for her. We've seen the "Kermit Dress" (that's over there on the right), and on Sunday we were introduced to a dress composed entirely of meat. Even for Gaga, this was a bit of a stretch. Jimmy Kimmel had some words for Lady Gaga and her dress on his show last night, and you can see that for yourself in the video on the right.

By the way, a note on the current video system: you may have noticed that the box is showing a message that says "Your Video is Still Loading". Please, ignore this message and just go ahead and click on the box there. We're in the newest stage of 2.0, so there are bound to be a couple hiccups, and this may be one of 'em. I assure you: the video's there, you're just going to have to click one extra time to see it. Don't be scared: click your mouse, watch the hilarity unfold.

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