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Funny Picture: Weirdness in Japan strikes again (with startling evidence)

Wait a minute: this picture's from JAPAN?  I refuse to believe it...

It's been far too long since we featured a "Funny Picture" here at the Comedy Examiner's Office, so here it is, your welcome to the weekend: More weirdness from Japan.  Seems like every other day, someone's sending in some bizarre game-show clip, some news report from Japan that involves a dude dressed in some sort of freakish animal outfit, some report on a dude trying to marry a cartoon...something.  We harbor no ill-will towards Japan here at the Comedy Examiner's Office...we just don't know what the hell is going on over there.  If you have a theory, feel free to respond in the comments section below folks-- particularly if you have an explanation for the photo above.  Otherwise, check out these other recent Comedy Examiner articles as you drink yourself into Saturday...

COMEDY FANS, REJOICE: HBO RENEWS "THE RICKY GERVAIS SHOW" FOR A SECOND SEASON (WITH VIDEO)-- in which we learn that HBO love all of us, especially the Comedy Examiner.  If you haven't checked out "The Ricky Gervais Show" yet, check out the clip in this article.  I dare you not to laugh.

GLENN BECK SAYS THAT HE WAS JOKING WHEN HE CALLED JAMES CAMERON "THE ANTI-CHRIST" (WITH VIDEO)-- in which Glenn Beck says that he was just kidding when he called James "Avatar" Cameron the Anti-Christ.  Oh, Glenn Beck: you are such a card.  And a D-bag.

DAVID CROSS SET TO RELEASE NEW CD/DVD ALBUM "BIGGER AND BLACKERER" THIS MAY (WITH VIDEO)-- in which we learn that David Cross is about to drop a new album.  If you've never heard any of his standup, check out the clip in this article.  Just don't do it at work.  Or near children.  Or your parents.

TRAILER FOR EDGAR WRIGHT'S "SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD" ARRIVES ONLINE, IS AWESOME (WITH VIDEO)-- in which we learn that Edgar Wright has made three very kick-ass movies in a row.  Sure, that's prejudging based on this trailer, but check it out for yourself and tell me I'm wrong.