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Funny Photos Returns: We're back, and we've got immature Funny Photos to share

Tee-hee:  that signs says "butte".
Tee-hee: that signs says "butte".
(Various, Reader Submitted)

Oh, my gentle Examiner readers: where have you been? Actually, the real question is, "Where has the Comedy Examiner been?" For the past month, we've been all but entirely absent here at Comedy Examiner HQ, and below we're gonna apologize for our absence while offering up the lamest series of excuses you've ever heard (it's gonna be awesome). On top of that, we're also going to share a whole new batch of Funny Photos for you to start your week with. Without further ado, let's get started below... my gentle Examiner readers...

Holy crap!  Funny Photos is back!  It's been far too long, folks.

If you're a frequent reader here at Comedy Examiner HQ, you know that we used to have a very specific schedule 'round these parts: Mondays through Fridays would be filled with one Funny Photo dump after another, which was insterspersed with reviews, interviews, funny videos, and other random bric-a-brac compiled by A) our mail-order intern, Geraldo, and B) you, the gentle Examiner readers of the world. It was a pretty reliable system.

But then, about a month ago, Comedy Examiner HQ all but dropped off the face of the Earth. Rumors persisted that an enraged Twilight fan-- perhaps someone who simply couldn't bear one more joke made at another Twihard's expense-- had assassinated your friendly neighborhood Comedy Examiner. Still others claimed that we'd been hit by a bus, perhaps one driven by Jay Leno. A third rumor (one we heard far less) was that your humble Comedy Examiner had simply exploded after watching an episode of Girls.

All of these rumors were untrue.

The truth is: life gets in the way sometimes. For the past several weeks, it's been one thing after another here at HQ, and through it all we've been keeping our fingers crossed that we'd be able to return sooner rather than later, and that all could go back to normal with very few hiccups. To anyone that was annoyed by our absence (we suspect that you hadn't even really noticed, which is just fine, too), allow us to offer our sincere apologies: we're back behind the keyboard now, and we really hope that the worst of April is behind us.

To make it up to you, we wanted to start this week with a brand-new collection of Funny Photos. Yes, you used to get at least one or two Funny Photo bombs in your inbox every day, and we're sure that you've been missing the chance to read through them just as much as we've missed the opportunity to share them (as you might expect, we've got quite the stockpile after being away from the computer for the past few weeks, so if you're one of the Comedy Examiner HQ faithful that's been sending these in week-in and week-out in the hopes that we'd run them, we apologize for that, too).

Let's rectify that right now by starting off this week with the first batch of Funny Photos seen in April, 2012: all submitted by you, the gentle Examiner readers of the world, and all of them approved by both Geraldo (our mail-order intern, not the former talk show host with an aversion to hoodies) and your humble Comedy Examiner. You can start your Funny Photo experience by clicking the "Slideshow" box on the left, and-- as always-- you can submit your own Funny Photos to if you'd like to spread the ha-ha.

It's good to be back, folks: we only hope that we haven't been gone so long that you've forgotten us.

Stay tuned, my gentle Examiner readers: there's much, much more on the way.

Stay tuned for more funny videos, news, reviews, interviews, and more from Comedy Examiner HQ in the near future, folks. We've got all manner of nonsense to keep you informed and entertained during the week, so hit the 'Subscribe' button up top to get all future Comedy Examiner articles delivered straight to your inbox, free of charge, the moment they're published ... including any of our future Funny Photos-related updates. You can also head on over to THIS PAGE to follow your humble Comedy Examiner on Twitter


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