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Funny Photo: The world's most literal tramp stamp, straight from Thailand

Yeah, I bet.
Yeah, I bet.
(reader submitted)

It's Sunday, and you all know what that means: it's time once again for another entry in our neverending "Funny Photo" series. Every Sunday, your humble Comedy Examiner pours through the week's submissions, hoping to find one, single photo that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Sometimes, it's a photo of someone doing something stupid. Sometimes, it's a photo of a really crappy tattoo. Sometimes, it's something embarrassing. This week's photo manages to combine all three of these things into one, winning package (bonus: and it's from Thailand). See it below, my gentle Examiner readers...

What does this girl's "Tramp Stamp" say?  Only the truth.

By now, all of you should be familiar with the phrase "Tramp Stamp": that's the term for the lower-back tattoos that have plagued our nation's bar skanks and "women of ill-repute" since the mid-to-late 90's. The best "Tramp Stamp" ever goes to a friend-of-a-friend I once knew who had the phrase "Bro's Before Ho's" tattooed on her lower-back. There was so much wrapped up in that situation-- lingering daddy issues, a lack of self esteem, self-hatred, misogyny-- that I could barely speak when confronted with it. She sure was a classy lady.

But was she as classy as the woman over there on the left? You'll have to click the "Slideshow" box to see the big version, but once you do, I think that you'll find that this Thai woman's tattoo is-- without question-- the world's most literal "Tramp Stamp". Is she making a declaration about her nymphomania? Is she simply advertising her profession (y'know, assuming that she's a ho; and, given the location, I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility)? What is going on here? If you happen to know this girl, have her drop me a line; I've got a few questions that need answering.

And that, my friends, will be it for this week's "Funny Photo". Continue sending in your submissions (the one on the left comes to us from eagle-eyed Comedy Examiner reader "Phillip N.", and we thank him for it) for the chance to have your photo featured here next Sunday, not to mention the thrill that will come with seeing your name in digital print. Oh, man, just think of how jealous all your friends are gonna be! Sound off in the comments section below if you've got anything you'd like to add, and-- as always-- stay tuned for more from Comedy Examiner HQ in the near future.

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