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Funny Photo: Just what the hell is going on at your local McDonald's?

OK, what the hell, McDonald's?  We never got anything that cool in our Happy Meals when I was a kid.
OK, what the hell, McDonald's? We never got anything that cool in our Happy Meals when I was a kid.
(reader submitted)

Today's other Funny Photo (we've got multiple/ Funny Photos/ for you today: please do try to remain calm) comes to us from eagle-eyed Comedy Examiner reader "Alan H.", who sent this in to Comedy Examiner HQ just moments ago. Generally, we'll sit on Funny Photo submissions for a good week or two before disseminating them out into the wilds of the internet, but this one was too good not to share immediately. See it for yourselves below, my gentle Examiner readers...

OK, what did Ronald do THIS time?

Just what in the hell is going on at McDonald's?

The photo over there on the left-- sent in by frequent Comedy Examiner reader "Alan H.", and we thank him for it-- seems to indicate that something very untoward is happening at a McDonald's in Florida. When I was a kid, we got little, plastic action figures in our Happy Meals, sometimes a race-car or a useless wind-up toy that'd break within moments of getting it home. What we didn't get were Thai ladyboys, Miami cabana-boys, or Oklahoma cattle-boys (we made that last "boy-toy" up, but, man, would we like to see that phrase catch on). What is this world coming to? Is there a way to blame Obama for it? Let's just do that.

You're going to have to click the box over there on the left to see it-- ahem-- biggie-sized, but we suggest that you do so immediately, especially if you're a parent: you don't wanna get an unpleasant surprise the next time to order a Happy Meal for your kid at McDonald's, do you? Learning "what the hell's going on at McDonald's" in today's Funny Photo might be all that's standing between you and your child getting some sweaty, swarthy dude named "Rico" with his next order of Chicken McNuggets.

Be aware, be vigilant, and always ask for the action-figure.

Stay tuned for more Funny Photos as the weekend carries on, folks (when the news cycle stops, the Funny Photos get unloaded). As always, you can send in your own Funny Photo submissions-- please, nothing Star Wars-related-- if you think they've got a chance of being featured here at Comedy Examiner HQ. You'll get the undeniable privilege of seeing your name in digital print (Oh, just think of how jealous your friends will be! They'll hate you with the passion of one-thousand burning suns!), not to mention the satisfaction that comes with making a whole bunch of people snort coffee through their noses. Also: sound off in the comments section if you've got anything worthwhile to add to this.

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