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'Funny Old Broads'

Playing this Thursday at 7:30pm at the Comedy Shrine in Aurora is the premier runaway musical comedy hit Funny Old Broads, a compilation of clean-humored comedy acts focusing on middle-age issues, suburban family life, and growing up in the '60's.

The show is comprised of four local baby boomers with backgrounds in performing arts who decided to combine their talents and put on a show for middle-aged audiences in the Chicagoland area.

The four women are:

Caryn Bark, a veteran stage and television actor from Skokie who wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed comedy play Diary of a Skokie Girl.

Robin Riebman, a newcomer stand-up comedian from Prospect Heights.

Pam Peterson, an acclaimed cabaret performer from La Grange.

Jan Slavin, a singer from Evanston.

The four women felt that combining their talents would make for a unique and interesting show. Caryn Bark noted that it makes sense that "people want to see comedy about people their own age." Bark was the creator of Funny Old Broads. She also added that the target audience for Funny Old Broads "don't want to go to a club with a two-drink minimum. If they have to have the two-drink minimum, they'll be asleep."

Although the women are slightly similar in age, they are each at a different place in their lives. One is a divorcee, one is an empty nester, one is a mom with young children, and one is a grandmother.

The youngest of the group is Pam Peterson at 57. While the oldest age (to no surprise) is not given, Caryn Bark remarked that "rumor has it that one of us will be on Medicare next year."

Funny Old Broads will be showing at 7:30pm Thursday at the Comedy Shrine in Aurora. Tickets are $20 each (and there is a two-drink minimum, but hopefully no one falls asleep). The Comedy Shrine is located at 4034 Fox Valley Center Drive near the Westfield Fox Valley Mall. For more information call 630-585-0300 or visit

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