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Funny Friday: 'His Girl Friday' (1940)

If you need a laugh then you're at the right place. The pick for this week's Funny Friday is "His Girl Friday." The 1940's screwball comedy was directed by the great director Howard Hawks. The film starred Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy, and Gene Lockhart.

It's about Walter Burns (Grant) who doesn't want his star reporter and ex-wife (Russell) to leave the business and marry bland Baldwin (Bellamy). So Burns wants her to do one last job, to get the scoop on a convict. The movie is based on a Play.

This quick slick dialogue makes this comedy quite hilarious.It's the pacing and dialogue of Hawks's movies that keep them funny and they don't even age a bit. In the vein of "Bringing Up Baby," Hawk's knew how to make the audiences laugh without being cheesy!

You can watch this movie on Youtube, since it's in the public domain. It's a remake of the 1931 film "Front Page," that movie was directed by Lewis Milestone.

So tonight watch this very funny screwball comedy, if you love Grant and Russell then I'm sure you'll love this movie then!

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