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Funny Celebs Beat the Battle of the Bulge

Tom Arnold and Monique drop major weight-slide0

Standup comedians Tom Arnold and Monique have faced many challenges in their careers but nothing as dramatic as losing nearly 200 pounds between the two of them.

2 funny comdians loose nearly 200 pounds between the two of them

Arnold began his weight loss journey a year ago with the goal of shedding 100 pounds. In Hollywood weight is a Big deal and celebrities loose and gain weight all the time but when you are a comedian you tend to have a little less attention paid to your weight because people love you for being funny.

Arnold who credits his son with his weight loss has gone from 287 to 187 pounds in one year. His son Jax born in Arpil will soon be turning a year old and Arnold wanted to be around and a vital part of his child’s life.

According to People, Arnold admits it’s a struggle to maintain and in the past; weight he lost soon he would gain it all back, but this time is different. Arnold said “This time it's a lifestyle change and it's also for my wife Ashlee, 38 and my son Jax, 9 months so every day I work on it. I just have to be aware of it and it gets a little bit easier."

Monique’s story is similar shedding over 80 pounds and keeping it off. Monique like Arnold did it for her family. According to ABC news Monique’s journey has inspired other women to do the same with her daily tweets. "I tweet every morning," she said in an interview last year. "Because I want women to see — especially us big women — that you don't have to let them cut you and suck it out."

Monique latest project she stars in the powerful film Blackbird along with Isiah Washington. The film had a successful debut screening at the Pan-African Film Festival in Los Angeles back in February.

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