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Funny, but the information generation knows so very little

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I could pull my hair out every time I hear someone argue against Christianity, pointing to the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. The narrative they give and the statistics they point toward, wobble back and forth more than a drunken sailor on a see saw. Every rejection of Catholicism seems to have to be accompanied by the tired stereotype of either the pedophile priest or statue worshipping disciples.

Yet, simultaneously, these very same anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, interlocutors, often forget, mismanage, or completely deny the atrocities against humanity which have occurred in the name of atheism, secularism, socialism, or communism. Sure, they can name Hitler or Stalin, but in the same breathe they will comically try to make Hitler a Catholic, or tragically forget Mao, or Pol Pot, or Castro.

Conveniently, they will point to science, or human 'reason,' blaming Christianity, or more specifically, Catholicism, for the downfall, and hindrance of the 'progressive' human person. But they forget that Catholicism saved the classical literature of antiquity from the Barbarian invasion through reason loving Catholic monks; they also forget that the use of philosophy flourished through great Catholic thinkers; they also forget that the University system was created within the Catholic Church; they also forget that many of the greatest astronomers were Catholic Jesuits; and they don't realize that Catholicism is grounded in 'faith and reason,' in the all encompassing Truth of Jesus Christ.

Christians, and Catholics in particular, are blamed for being intolerant, backward, superstitious, and ruthless. But all we want is the freedom to worship our Lord, and the freedom of every person to follow their own religious path in the Holy Spirit. All Catholics want is respect, and protection, for Life, from the womb to the grave, from conception to natural death. All Catholics want is the integrity of the nuclear family, with every child having the opportunity to have a mom and a dad. All Catholics want is a just society, governed through just law, which respects the dignity of the human person, and allows them to pursue their highest potential as free, but responsible, human persons.

Yet, the tolerant, many of them radically misinformed, fueled solely by emotion, so cleverly trained in slogans and catch-phrases, seek tolerance in killing unborn babies and the elderly. Where is the tolerance in that? They preach of inclusiveness, but every chance they get they attack Christianity, Catholicism, conservatism, or genuine intellectual discourse. Instead of respecting institutions of social stability, such as Traditional Marriage or the Constitution, they seek to irrationally destroy their own source of stability. They parrot 'science' and 'reason' as the great progressive breakthrough. But what do they use science for? For abortion, euthanasia, cloning, embryonic manufacturing and distribution, drone strikes, and a generation of electronically addicted zombies who cannot hold a conversation, fed with so much useless (mis) information. And let's not forget the great progressive breakthrough: mind numbing/dumbing legal drugs.

So, the next time you are about to pull your hair out, remember this: let them live their lies, since the consequences of these lies are the greatest educators in the world. Truth, like the message in the proverbial bottle, will float along the great sea of misinformation, until it reaches the mind willing to open it up and accept it as it is.

Until then, let's live the Truth, dialogue without losing our hair, and pray for the misinformed.