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"Funniest Comic in Texas 2010" starts tonight!

The Improv Comedy Clubs in Addison, Arlington and Houston are hosting "Funniest Comic in Texas 2010"
The Improv Comedy Clubs in Addison, Arlington and Houston are hosting "Funniest Comic in Texas 2010"
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The Improv has sent out it's final version of the "Funniest Comic in Texas 2010" schedule. Several dates have been added since the initial e-mails went out a few weeks ago, and the Houston Improv has also been added to the list of hosting clubs.

Here are the dates and locations, according an e-mail from the Improv today:
February 16 - Addison
February 23 - Addison
February 25 - Houston
March 9 - Addison
March 10 - Arlington
March 16 - Addison
March 17 - Arlington
March 23 - Addison
March 24 - Arlington
March 30 - Addison
March 31 - Arlington
April 7 - Arlington
April 13 - Addison
April 14 - Arlington
April 20 - Addison
April 21 - Arlington
April 27 - Addison
May 4 - Addison
May 11 - Addison
May 18 - Addison
May 25 - Addison

Each preliminary round will consist of 12 comics per show - that's over 250 comics so far! Each comic will get 6 minutes of stage time, and winners are determined at the end of the show by audience vote. Two comics from each round will move on to the semi-finals, and one from each round will be selected for a "Wild Card" show. There will be a total of 20 preliminary shows, 8 semi-final shows, 2 ‘wild card' shows, and the finale. That's a lot of comedy. Paul Varghese, this year's host, certainly has his hands full!

Audience seating will be limited to the first 250 people per show, so it's a good idea to arrive early. Your Stand-up Comedy Examiner will be covering the semi-finals and the finale, as she doesn't think she has it in her to sit through all 31 shows.

Best of luck to all you guys and gals!


  • Sean 5 years ago

    How could it be "Funniest Comic in Texas" if you weren't there?

  • Jenn 5 years ago

    Aww. lol. Thank you!
    I am not participating in the contest. I'll have my hands full covering the results though!

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