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Funko Planeswalker Pop! Vinyl second series figures on their way

Elspeth and Gideon have their hands full with those other guys.
Elspeth and Gideon have their hands full with those other guys.

The first wave of an interesting piece of Magic merchandise - Funko Pop! vinyl figures, the first collectible figures of Magic characters to be produced in many years - was released earlier this year, ahead of Magic 2015, and featuring that core set's planeswalkers (and was indeed the first confirmation of Nissa's appearance in the set). Now, since the first wave sold well, the promised second wave is on its way soon, featuring six planeswalkers once again - One long-awaited character from Theros block, two white-aligned heroes, Nicol Bolas, and two of his evil servants! As the funkorific Tumblr blog says:

AIN’T NO TRICK: The next wave of Magic: The Gathering Funko Pop! figures are coming soon and are available for pre-order before the rush, from the best purveyors of vinyl collectibles down under, Popcultcha! With this new wave comes Sarkhan, Tezzeret, Elspeth, Gideon Jura and the super-mega-cool 6” Nicol Bolas :) These will start to emerge just after the new version of Magic starts to make its way to gaming tables cross the globe. Check these out:

Thanks for being ahead of the pack Popcultcha!!!

PS: Kiora will also be released (but there is no image to share at press time).

Of course, it's only natural to assume that the figures that don't tie in with the previous block (i.e. the Elspeth and the Kiora) have something to do with the upcoming one. We know Sarkhan is in; perhaps Bolas and/or Tezzeret have followed him back to his home plane of Tarkir, and of course a warlike world like Tarkir would be a perfect fit for the militant and righteous Gideon.