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Funk band Psych Squared brings their first album to Kickstarter

He's best known as Doctor Dan the pancake man, but if this latest campaign succeeds, we may be listening to his music more than watching his pancakes come to life. Saint Louis native Daniel Drake is taking his funk/rock group Psych Squared to Kickstarter in hopes that fans will fund their debut album.

Psych Squared is made up of lead vocalist and bass player Daniel Drake, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Shawn Moses and drummer and backing vocalist David Ederer. Daniel Drake is probably known better to STL natives because of his unique pancake art, which has brought him a lot of press attention. But with Kickstarter, Drake hopes to move his main focus to his music.

Backers who decide to give Psych Squared's debut album money will be impressed by the rewards available. They range from t-shirts and digital downloads to custom made fantasy swords and being drawn into a comic strip, all from Drake himself. The highest pledge level is one thousand dollars, includes a hand drawn fifteen page comic book and so far has not been backed.

Kickstarter is no stranger to music acts from Saint Louis using it to fund their projects. Bella & Lily, the singer/songwriter sister duo, funded their first EP with the service. The Saint Louis Wind Symphony used the website to fund the commission of a new work in honor of a player who had passed away.

The Psych Squared Kickstarter runs for five more days. It currently has $1,500 worth of funding pledged to it.

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