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Funimation Announces Some of the English Cast for "Hetalia" Anime

On Funimation's Youtube page, they posted a video to make an announcement about the English Dub cast for the anime Hetalia. So far, the cast is listed as so:

Hetalia will be getting a North American dub from Funimation Studios.


Lithuania: Josh Grelle

Estonia: Mike McFarland

Latvia: Ryan Reynolds

Romano: Ian Sinclair

Spain: Dave Trosko

Greece: Vic Mignogna

Liechtenstein: Cherami Leigh

Switzerland: John Burgmeier

Russia: Jerry Jewel

Poland: Ryan Bijan

Ukraine: Lydia Mackay

Belarus: Monica Rial

Holy Roman Empire: Chris Cason

Chibitalia: Brina Palencia

Rome: Christopher R. Sabat

Austria: Chuck Huber

Hungary: Luci Christian

Sealand: Maxey Whitehead

The company will also be releasing the cast for the dubs in Japanese, Russian, Italian, English, French, German, and Chinese on a one-actor-per-day basis. Some of the voice actors will also have special interviews posted online.

Funimation seized license of the series for a North American dub back in January.


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