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Funeral For Theater Shooting Victim

Funeral For Theater Shooting Victim

Chad Oulson, was laid to rest on Saturday. If you don't know his name by now you know how he died. He was the man who was shot dead for texting in a movie theater here in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Yes that's right shot dead for texting. The shooter is a former Police Captain by the name of Curtis Reeves. It seems Reeves has a bad habit of telling people what to do.

A few days after Christmas, Reeves was in the same Cobb Theater getting aggravated with a woman and her family because she was texting. Reeves went so far as to almost going into the ladies-room to confront her.

Now back to Mr. Oulson, a father of one and a usually easy going person, he was texting the babysitter to find out about his daughter. You see he and his wife were simply taking an afternoon off and going to a movie. He and Reeves got into an argument and Reeves went off to the theater manager. When he came back a bag of popcorn was thrown at him and this is when he shot and killed Mr. Oulson. Yes, Reeves was in fear of his life over the bag of popcorn. This is what he has told the Judge when he went up for bail. Reeves has been denied bail and I feel if he gets out it would be the wrong thing. Reeves is a loose cannon. He was the officer in charge of forming the Tampa SWAT team. He would later after retirement be in charge of security for Busch Gardens Tampa.

Oulson on the other hand has been remembered for being easy going and loving. He served during Operation Desert Storm and received full military honors at his funeral. His wife was able to be there for you see when she saw the gun come out she attempted to get in the way of the bullet. She was hit in the hand and had a second surgery just two days before the funeral of her husband.

This is a story that will not go away any time soon. You see Reeves has claimed the Stand Your Ground Law as his defense, claiming that the bag of popcorn scared him and under the letter of the law if you feel threatened you have the right to defend yourself. George Zimmerman used it last year when he shot a 17 year old kid and got off.

For the Oulson's, Nicole now has the job of putting her life back in order and raising her daughter Alexis. I pray this woman will be able to put this behind her after the trial of Reeves. Unfortunately there will be more to come on this story.