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Funds urgently needed to help stray dog hit by car

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A Phoenix area stray dog named Richard is in desperate need of the community's help.

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Richard was found on the streets of Phoenix last week, by a Good Samaritan named Jane Fendelman. His paws were bloody and torn from being on the hot streets for so long. Jane took in the shy and scared dog, even though her financial situation is extremely dire. Over the weekend, Richard got loose again, and was the victim of a hit-and-run accident with a car. He has been reunited with Jane, but unfortunately, his leg was broken in the accident. Richard's new human mom is unable to fund his care and urgently needs assistance with the surgery required for his broken leg, and for an extremely painful tumor that he is suffering from.

At this time, he is under the care of Power Road Animal Hospital, but they cannot proceed with surgery until funds are raised for him. Due to the urgent nature of the injury sustained in the car accident, Richard is not a candidate for some of the financial aid programs available to assist owners. Caring Hearts for Homeless Pets and Their Owners, a local animal welfare group dedicated to assisting the homeless and the downtrodden care for their pets, has taken up Richard's cause, along with 2nd Chance Dog Rescue, in helping to fundraise for his care.

If you are able to assist Richard get his emergency medical care at Power Road Animal Hospital, please call in your donation to 480-641-414, and let them know that you are donating for Richard, the dog with the broken leg and tumor, or you can donate to his Go Fund Me donation page:

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