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Funds sought for bobcat surgery and rehabilitation

Injured bobcat.
Injured bobcat.

A young female bobcat underwent specialized surgery at Canada's Assiniboine Park Zoo Friday to repair multiple fractures to her pelvis and leg after being found by conservation officials in Winnipeg’s Falcon Lake area last weekend.

The animal was turned over to the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (PWRC), which has been keeping her stabilized with pain medications. However, they need help covering the cost of the surgery (about $1,200) as well as for follow-up treatments and medicines, and are now appealing to the public for help.

“Unfortunately we are a small young organization, so this is not in our budget but we don’t want to turn our backs on this creature,” stated a group spokesperson. We are hoping for sponsors and donors to help cover the cost to rehabilitate the bobcat,’ which we hope to eventually release back into the wild.”

Donations can be made via paypal: and writing a comment section “for Bobcat rehabilitation” or by mailing a check to the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at P.O. Box 48059 RPO Lakewood, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4A3. Everyone making a contribution will be provided with updates concerning her condition and progress.