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Fundraising has never been so easy to do

Logo is an online donation site that assists those in need in obtaining the money needed for their cause. This can be anything from a medical emergency, medical expenses, a wedding, or even a personal situation, such as the story below:

"I am a newly single mom, going through a very bad divorce from a man who left me for a person on Facebook. I have 4 kids, three of who are at home. Although I am a stay at home mom, my day is filled with all of the family and household responsibilities including my online job which was only meant to supplement our household. I have been under an enormous amount of stress, humiliation, depression and am overwhelmed with my day to day struggles emotionally, financially and mentally. I think if I could just get a couple of days alone, to my self, with no chaos, responsibility or worries, I could come back home and take control of my household and be the mother I want to be. I could put my worries aside for the sake of myself and my children and not worry about my estranged husband and his activities. This may seem somewhat selfish to some, but in my current state of mind, I am just hanging on. I do not wish to rid myself of my responsibilities, just a small break from the norm to refresh and get back my sanity!"

To donate to this cause please click HERE!

Those who donate have the option to donate any amount and to also remain anonymous if they so desire. This site offers a special way to help those who find themselves in situations that require monetary assistance, by spreading the word in a uniform and easy manner. Social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter are linked to the donation page so that the information is readily available for sharing. There is also a personal link which can be shared on any site or email.

Take a look at and see if there is a cause that touches your heart today!

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