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Funding set up for National City neighborhood housing

Affordable housing development regular work in National City.
Affordable housing development regular work in National City.
National City

Efforts to build up the housing stock low and moderate income National City residents can afford will drive ahead through the fifth year in the city's plan, and another year. The southern city's housing partners will have the opportunity to get funding in hand after the city council approves the 2014-15 plan on Feruary 11th. Funding for over 100,000 dollars in federal CDBG and HOME support two years of housing assistance efforts.

There has been a general lack of funding in National City since the 2007 economic downturn. Both private funders and public agenices run short on funds. During the years the state government experiences budget shortfalls, California has been paying less on its deal with the city to fund housing.

Housing rehabilitation work will stay on track during the 5th year in the current plan. In National City, the neighborhoods need a high count of affordable housing. Low and moderate income households make up more than 50 percent the households in the large majority of the city. Converting neighborhood housing stocks to modern housing is in the city's plans for reviving the neighborhoods in poorer areas on the west of National City Boulevard, and along 24th and 30th Streets, and on the 8th Street northside. Areas that have over 75 percent low and moderate income households.

Rehabilitating 50 units by the end of the five years prevents loss in the affordable housing stock.

The city's fair housing partners will work with organization to help residents living in affordable housing to stay in a home following an inspection. And, help prevent a need to live in broken down housing that is fixable.

The fisal year 2014-15 funding plan will go under a 30 day public review starting in late March. A decision on this year's funded housing assistance comes in April.

The second year of the CDBG and HOME funds U.S. HUD awarded stay in the National City accounts until another year of urban development work gets paid for.

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