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Funding efforts for ‘Shakespeare Play On’ continue

In a recent letter from Shakespeare Play On leader Mike Ryan, he writes in part, “January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was the god of transitions and doorways. He is also the god of new beginnings, and so, in many ways, Janus is the perfect symbol for Shakespeare Play On.”

“As of December 31, 2013, Shakespeare Santa Cruz is no more. We look forward to producing more of the work of Shakespeare and other great playwrights for the people of Santa Cruz and beyond. We look forward to a Festival that belongs to the community, a Festival that reflects the spirited, inquisitive and intelligent qualities of its people. We look forward to bringing many of the nation’s best artists and artisans to Santa Cruz, to celebrating the talent and commitment of the artists and artisans who live here, and to playing our part in making Santa Cruz such a rich and vibrant artistic city.”

Meet the Shakespeare Play On challenge to donate and to spread the word

Ryan says he receives emails every day from friends who have met someone on the street or at a party who still do not know how to donate, or even that the effort to save the Festival is underway. “Because we will not hire a staff until we know we can pay them, we are a group of volunteers who are spending our free time on this rescue effort. We need your help.” Several articles were published, but there is still a great need to spread the word."

“I challenge each of you to have two mouths like Janus. Spread the word! We can still save the Festival, but only if each of you who has given a donation can find two other people to donate. Bring it up in conversation! Talk about us on your Facebook page! Tweet! Call someone you’ve been to the Festival with to see a play.”

“We look back on how fragile a thing live theatre is, how only the prodigious effort of a fully invested community can keep it alive. We look back with gratitude on everyone who has contributed to save the Festival.”

“And, more importantly, we look forward with eager anticipation to receiving help from those who have not yet given. To put things in perspective, each summer over 15,000 people come to the Glen to enjoy Shakespeare. So many of these people expressed dismay at the closure of Shakespeare Santa Cruz and asked why they were not given the chance by the University to help the festival out before the axe fell.”

Shakespeare Play On’s New Year’s resolution is to bring world class Shakespeare to our community in the incomparable natural beauty that only Santa Cruz can offer. They invite you to share this in resolution by donating now.

By June Smith

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