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FUNDarte Out in the Tropics Festival

FUNDarte’s Out in the Tropics is a unique, daring, and artistically outstanding performance festival that features work by some of today’s most innovative and relevant GLBTQ artists.
FUNDarte’s Out in the Tropics is a unique, daring, and artistically outstanding performance festival that features work by some of today’s most innovative and relevant GLBTQ artists.

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly has a few great events coming up during the last week if June and you won’t want to miss them! Barefoot Wine & Bubbly has a time-honored tradition of putting the community first by supporting local nonprofits and the individuals behind them. 2014 marked the second year of their “Soles of the Year” program, which celebrates individuals from all over the U.S. who are doing good in their local communities, including Miami's very own Ever Chavez, Founder and Executive Director of FUNDarte.

In an effort to promote performing and visual arts, FUNDarte will be hosting a festival of LGBTQ performances from June 25-June29, sponsored by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly. Check out the schedule below!

Wednesday, June 25th - Sunday, June 29th , 2014

LGBT Visitors’ Center, Miami Beach, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, INKUB8, On.Stage Black.Box Theater at MDCA, and The Colony Theater
Wednesday, June 25th - 6PM at Miami Beach Botanical Garden: Cocktail Party
Neil de la Flor reads from his new book “An Elephant’s Memory of Blizzards” – This cutting-edge literary work addresses the process of memory via a hybrid literary language that obscures boundaries between prose and poetry. The event will be presented in an informal Salon-style in an open-air environment at the magnificent, newly remodeled Miami Beach Botanical Garden. FREE

Thursday, June 26th - 8PM at LGBT Visitors’ Center, Miami Beach: LGBTQ Community Panel - Cocktail PartyThis informative and entertaining informal panel discussion features all artists participating in Out in the Tropics, along with local LGBT artists and activists, providing the local LGBT community with expanded possibilities for exploring LGBT culture in a safe and encouraging environment. Participants will have an opportunity to meet this year’s visiting artists in an intimate, informal setting conducive to conversation, intimate personal disclosure, and intercultural exchange. FREE.

Friday, June 27th - 4PM at The Colony Theater: “Meet the Artist” Mentoring Session
This backstage mentoring session in partnership with Pridelines Youth Services and Florida Safe Schools provides local LGBT teens and youth an opportunity to meet this transgendered artist and personally discuss issues addressed in the artist’s work.

Friday, June 27th - 8:30PM at The Colony Theater: “Uncovered: The Diary Project” (After Concert Cocktail Party)
Sean Dorsey Dance Company’s “Uncovered: The Diary Project” a series of powerful dances that reveal the lives and stories that history has tried to erase. This powerful, highly praised work is the culmination of a year-and-a-half long research process in which Dorsey uncovered and researched diaries of transgender and queer people – from the famous to the unknown. Followed by audience Q&A.

Saturday, June 28th - 2PM Inkub8: Master Class by Sean DorseyMost transgender people have never set foot in a dance class, yoga studio, or gym: these spaces often feel unsafe and even hostile toward their unique bodies and experiences. Dorsey’s Master Class provides a space where everyone can experience dance and movement in a supportive environment. The workshop is open to the general community, fostering an environment where all are equally accepted. For LGBT communities facing a suicide rate that is 4 times the national average, this kind of empowerment can be life-saving.

Saturday and Sunday, June 28th and 29th , at MDCA On.Stage Black.Box: “Tocaba” by Juan Carlos Lerida. (Cocktail Party on the 29th)
Using both abstraction and repetition as tools of creation, the extraordinary dancer and choreographer Juan Carlos Lerida physically contemplates the foundations of playing the flamenco-guitar by using its musical standards as a reference. To explore the origins of dance and musicianship, he not only deconstructs flamenco dance into its fundamental elements, but also deconstructs the guitar itself. Four tableaus act as the framework of his new work, in which habits and customs act as clues to the discovery of the unknown. Lerida exposes facets of being such as love, solitude, duality, and death in four tableaus, as four instances of life. Followed by audience Q&A.

Sunday, June 29th – 1PM at MDCA On.Stage Black.Box: Master Class by Juan Carlos Lerida.
This class will cover body technique and improvisation based upon flamenco techniques and composition based upon choreographic elements of flamenco. Purpose: to develop and improve rhythmic perception and movement by means of flamenco and contemporary dance techniques. Practice: Using various theoretical and practical exercises, consisting of imaginative and ludic essence, dancers work to generate harmonious, natural relationships, which is fundamental in comprehending the movements and interpretations of flamenco. This class is recommended for dancers who want to add the style and/or aesthetics of flamenco to their creative language.

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