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Fun with color: lime green



Spring time in Albuquerque means more than flower blossoms and warming temperatures. Spring offers city dwellers yet another opportunity to compete against the unpredictability of weather.  Nowhere are natures season’s calculable events that  can be precisely mapped out on the calendar. Long lingering freezing temperatures are certainly never in a hurry to clear the way for the coming color of the new season.

However, for those numb to winter fashion it's never too early to usher in the bright, casual look of spring.  Forget the fact that it's still snowing in some parts of New Mexico, Albuquerque is feeling the toasty warmth of vibrant color.

Looking for a fun way to explore a brighter side of fashion? Simply take a look at the styles exhibited by students and staff alike on the ever trendy UNM campus. The lime green outfit broken down in this article was inspired by the lively attire of one fashion friendly scholar.

Little Nervous Robot Hoodie

From head to toe:

A traditional hoodie with a funky print serves as a fun layer for an outfit that mediates between hot and cold conditions. The perfect hoodie should always feel comfortable with just a loose enough fit to still be considered relaxed but not so loose as to completely obscure the curves of the body. The No Hope No Love hoodie design above is a fun example of a silkscreen print hoodie that can be found on IAEON, one of many great Etsy shops. For a more personalized look you might try creating your own design. Using inkjet iron-on transfer paper, which can be found at any local craft store, it’s easy to print out any design tand create a one of a kind piece.


Zipper turtle neck tee

For underneath that brightly colored hoodie add a bit of contrast. A simple long black top will break up the vibrant look but there’s room for experimentation with this part of the outfit. The double zipper tee pictured at right is a rather versatile piece that could easily transform from a turtle neck to a deep neck line tee. The simple detail created by the zippers also serves to create a line for the eyes to follow, which adds more depth to the look.  However, what shouldn't be experimented with, for this look, is shirt length. The shirt should be long enough all around to hit midway at your hips, thus covering at least half of your bum.


Lime  green leggings

Shirt length is so important for this outfit because of what's happening below the waist. A pair of lime leggings, preferably color matched to the hoodie, completes the vibrant stance of the look. A nice matte color works best but to personalize the style don't be afraid to try different textures.


Sydney Flat Boot

Add a simple lowrise, black, flat boot to maintain the relaxed feel of the look and you're lime green outfit is complete.  Some affordable boots, like the one pictured at right, can be found at any local Payless Shoesource.  Now you're ready to have some fun with color this spring.


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