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Fun wine to celebrate Spring: Voga Italia Dolce Rosso

Fun wine to celebrate Spring: Voga Italia Dolce Rosso
Fun wine to celebrate Spring: Voga Italia Dolce Rosso
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Happy Spring! Finally, the weather where you are may be thawing. Even if you aren't quite up to eating al fresco yet, you're still probably in the mood to celebrate. And why not? With Spring, March Madness, Easter, etc. upon us or nearly so, good food goes with enjoyable wine. That's why I was happy to be hosted to experience Voga Italia Dolce Rosso wine! It's for sale online at such retailers as HERE.

Here's what they say about the wine:

This wine is from Italy, Veneto region. Voga Italia innovates with this tantalizing and supple blend of Italian Syrah and Merlot that is the perfect red wine for daylight delights or evening temptations. Seductive sweet flavors of plum and cherry entice the palate and deliver a smooth lingering luscious taste.

This fun bottle is still corked. The dark colored wine has tints of rose-red to it. It has a rich, raisin-y mouth feel. It's a sweet wine, but not cloyingly so. I paired it with rich blue cheeses and buttered, toasted crumpets. They really complemented each other! I'm sure it would also make a nice wine to close the meal, though it's not specifically a dessert wine. With its sweetness, the wine is more accessible than many red wines can be.

At an affordable price -- solidly under $20 -- it a wine that you can whip out whenever friends drop by, without making a whole production.

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