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Fun ways to use old clothes as garden planters

An old straw hat makes a great liner for a hanging planter.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

There are literally hundreds of ways to use your old clothes as garden planters. Don't throw away those holy socks or the jeans with the worn out knees. Try one of these unique ideas instead. Most are self draining. All are easy to make. They make great conversation pieces and believe it or not, they're quite beautiful once the plants get going.

Nail strawberry planter socks to the fence.

Don't worry, the neighbors won't mind. Sock strawberry planters can actually be very cute. Just fill them with potting soil. Use two nails to secure them to the fence. You can plant strawberries without the fancy clay pots or a lot of space. No fence? Slip an s-hook through the sock. Now it can be hung wherever you want.

Make a hanging planter with old jeans.

Got knee holes? Sew or tie the jean legs together, just above the worn spots. Cut off the excess. Button and zip the jeans. Fill them with potting soil. This will make a self draining, standing planter. To make a hanging planter, use sturdy rope to hang the jeans by the belt loops. Add a whimsical touch by making a rope belt.

Old t-shirts line milk crate planters.

Those milk crates made fine furniture in your younger years. Likely, you wore a lot of t-shirts then too. You have real clothes and furniture now. That doesn't mean you have to throw away all those memories. Simply stitch up the arm and neck holes on the t-shirts. Stretch the shirts over milk crates. The t-shirts hold in the soil, while allowing for drainage.

Upside down hats make funky planters.

Use any kind of hat you like. If the hat has a waterproof lining, be sure to use a two inch layer of pebbles for drainage. Then, fill the hat with soil and plant away. These look really cute in groups of three. If you haven't any old hats, try shopping thrift stores. They have the most unusual vintage styles at bargain prices.

Turn stockings into easy flower rows.

There are plenty of uses for old nylon stockings in the garden. They make great ties for tomato plants. Want to make something a little prettier? Simply mix assorted flower seeds with potting soil. Fill the stockings with the mixture. Tie them off at the end. Make garden borders or rows with the filled stockings. Soak them thoroughly, then water as usual. Your flowers will grow in nice, neat rows without any effort.

Note: Have you made clever planters from old clothes? I'd love to hear your ideas. Leave a comment!

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