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Fun ways to recycle old jeans into stylish home décor

Beautiful rug made from jeans
Beautiful rug made from jeans

Don't throw away those old jeans! Recycle them into stylish pillows, rugs, window treatments and more for your home. This is a super-fun way to recycle and repurpose old clothing that would otherwise be thrown away. Here we'll show you simple it is to use old jeans to make something new and exciting.

When people hear the words 'budget decorating' they may assume your home will look pieced together with items from yard sales or flea markets. Now is your chance to change that notion! By coming up with original ideas like these, you can showcase the unique decor that you created yourself. That's something to be proud of!

Throw pillows

Recycle old jeans into versatile throw pillows. You'll need two different colors of jeans for this project - One dark and one light. When you're done, you'll have a great two-toned denim pillow made from jeans that will look great. Follow these simple instructions:

- Cut four squares measuring 8 x 8 each.

- Attach two squares together, making two rows of two squares each.

- Place the sewn squares together and sew the right sides together. Leave one end open.

- Insert batting or slide in a slightly smaller pillow to fill the space.

- Sew the open ends closed.

Window treatment

A denim window treatment is a terrific idea for a teen's bedroom or a room with a country theme. All you'll need is five pairs of cut-off jeans, a curtain rod, bandanas, and a needle and thread. Sew the jeans together and use the belt loops to insert the curtain rod through. Add colorful bandanas to the top for color, or use them as tie backs.

Braided rug

After seeing a rug made from jeans, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Who would think to recycle old jeans into a rug? Very neat idea! I was able to locate the instructions on making a jean rug on the Frugal Veggie Mama Blog. The rug shown is identical to the one I've seen in person and it is really pretty amazing. Check it out for yourself.

This rug would look great in a kitchen, in a child's bedroom, in a laundry room or kitchen, or just about anywhere. Plus, it's a great way to recycle old jeans into something useful.

Rustic pot holders

These homemade potholders are functional and just plain cool to look at. They'd make a great addition to a country style kitchen, cowboy inspired kitchen, or an interesting accent to any casual décor. Here's how to make them:

- Cut out two patches to include the back pockets. Depending on the pocket size, you'll have two patches that measure between 6" - 10".

- Place a heavy-duty cotton filler between the two patches. You can use scraps of old blanket or sweatpants instead, if you have it.

- Sew around the edges to secure the denim tightly.

There are other non-decorative uses for old jeans that require no-sewing at all! Take an old pair of jeans and turn them into a doggie pull toy. Use old jeans to line the dog or cat bed. Or, recycle old jeans into a funky handbag or book bag. There are so many ways to use them, there's simply no reason to throw them away.

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