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Fun trend in fitness for the brain: Scrabble is the word!

Play Scrabble for brain fitness
Mollie Uhl Eaton

Perhaps you may have heard but don’t recall, a fitness trend is to play mind games for brain fitness. Mind games refers to exercising the brain muscle instead of practicing trickery. One popular activity to stimulate the brain muscle is to play the game of Scrabble. Although Scrabble has been around for a very long time, it has made a comeback for young and old.

Why do people want to exercise the brain? With one of every eight Baby Boomers expected to get Alzheimer’s, the disease is being described as “the defining disease” of the generation. So many people are worried about this horrible disease that erases the memory. Sometimes one may think that doing word games will stimulate neurons in the brain and this stimulation will keep it healthy and active. No one really knows what causes the disease, but it may be prevented one may hope if one plays word games. It is not that easy, however. Although, the brain is a muscle just like the heart is a muscle that requires exercise. Lots of modern aware people who want to live a healthier life join health clubs to exercise the heart through cardiovascular fitness. Perhaps it is a good idea to do the same with the brain: join a club where one could play Scrabble. Or play Scrabble word game on the amazing cell phone with other friends. It seems that it is important to exercise the brain through thinking and word games encourage one to think more.

Some astute baby boomers are aware of mind fitness games to keep Alzheimer's disease at bay. One popular web site for different brain games is called Luminosity. Many people regardless of age, however, love to play word games to keep the mind nimble. And there is a website to help improve Scrabble strategy even.

Scrabble consists of a game board and one, two, or three friends to play with you. It is fun and seems to challenge the verbal brain muscles as well. Now another popular word game is “Words with Friends” that is available as an app on the smart phone. Facebook users can also play easily this game online. This game is similar to the Scrabble board game, but is actually easier because the computer keeps tally of the score.

This is a brilliant idea to keep your mind agile with word games regularly. Let's say, a word a day keeps the brain nimble and fit, so have fun and play scrabble.

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