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Fun travel through time at Anachrocon 2014 February 14-16

Scenes from AnachroCon 2014
Scenes from AnachroCon 2014
Takesi Akamatsu

Anachrocon 2014 took place this past weekend and what a great Con it was. Of course, a few guests and even a few directors were not able to attend either because of the bad weather we had right before the Con or for other reasons, and yet other people stepped up and filled those gaps and a record crowd came out to celebrate both alternate history and the ability to get out of the house!

There were panels and buskers and costumes, tea and chocolate and mead. In fact, the mead making lesson outside on the patio in the 40 degree weather was one of our favorite things this year. Not only was the process fascinating but the shot-size samples of different types of mead were delightful. The same person who did the mead lesson did one of our other favorite panels, Mythology of the Night Sky. His name is Phillip Sacco and he is my Con discovery this year. Every year there is one new person who stands out for me and this year it was Mr. Sacco. He is a mesmerizing storyteller with a thorough knowledge of astronomy and mythology and a maker of exceptional mead as well.

Another favorite event this year was the USO show. Bombshells United perform as female entertainers who were classified as "bombshells" in their day. For this show, the ladies performed a World War II show with "Bob Hope." portrayed by Thomas Eastin. The ladies portrayed Ava Gardner, Ethel Merman, Josephine Baker, Veronica Lake, Betty Grable, Rita Heyworth and Marlene Dietrich and they were all so amazing that I am going to write another article and attach a slideshow so you can see them all.

We also enjoyed a narrative on candy , and panels in history, science, and horror. For those who think AnachroCon is only steampunk, as you see it is that and more. We discussed everything from Victorian Ghost Stories to the Early Space Race. And late night there was the Men Without Pants party where the men complete in kilts and lots of music and standup comedy.

We saw a lot of friends and got to talk to some favorite authors and be tempted by the vendors (I bought a cane and my husband bought a hat), ate and hung out in the Con Suite which as usual managed to provide hot food as well as snacks for the hungry con-goers, and just generally had a wonderful weekend. We already can't wait for next year!

Enjoy the slideshow for a vicarious AnachroCon experience.

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