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Fun to be had for those not at Comic-Con


There was a time when comic conventions were not huge international events, drawing in crowds that make local fire marshals sweat in fear. Hard to believe, sure, but now that is absolutely not the case and the biggest example of this is the San Diego Comic-Con.

Who wants to deal with this crap?

Something less hard to believe is that not everyone can go to SDCC or might not be interested in shoving their way through untold numbers of sweaty nerds and girls dressed like Japanese animation characters (actually, that second one might not be so bad). For those that can't go and will be here in Dallas this weekend, Keith's Comics is hosting a #NotAtComicCon event on Saturday, July 24th!

Dark Horse Comics released this announcement with Keith's comments add in parenthesis: 

On July 24th Keith's Comics will host a unique party in conjunction with ChinaShop Magazine and Dark Horse Comics to celebrate the highly dedicated culture of sequential art during the weekend of San Diego Comic-Con. (You can't go? Neither can I! Let's party!)

Branded #NotAtComicCon, based on the Twitter hash-tag those unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con have been using, our Mockingbird store will have free drinks (Red Bulls! and maybe some other stuff I can string together) and over $200 worth of Dark Horse prizes available. (OK, that's what Dark Horse is sending me. I'm gonna double that! That's right, $400.00 worth of Dark Horse merch will be given as prizes! BooYAH!)

So, for those in town this weekend, go by Keith's Comics on Saturday to celebrate your frugalness (is that a word?) by not buying airline tickets and taking advantage of sale prices at Keith's! Be sure to tell him that the Dallas Comic Book Examiner sent you!

For more info: Check out Keith's Comics site!
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