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Fun to be had at A&G Ohio 2011

Gamers are Serious
Gamers are Serious!/aandgohio

Gaming conventions are big no matter what game is played. Certain cities host ones every year, with the biggest ones in California and Nevada. However this weekend, March 18-20, both gamers and animation fans can attend one held south of Dayton as Cincinnati hosts the 2011 Animation and Gaming convention. The convention will have signature events, gaming events, and discussion panels on various topics. There is something for everyone at this event.

Signature events include a costume contest where anything from anime fans to video game fans are welcome to enter. Live Action Role-Playing will be a big feature with PVP or Co-Op gaming. For those who like long LARP adventures, on rolling story will cover the entire event.

The discussion panels include adult only and youth friendly groups. There is also one just for the gamer girls out there entitled “Being Female in Geekdom”. Video game panels include Pokemon, Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic, and even games about zombies; a seriously hot commodity in the gaming world right now.

Various artists will have their wares on display and anime and gaming dealers will be selling all weekend for fans to expand their gaming needs.


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