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Fun summer craft: Christmas ornaments from recycled cards and wrap

Make fun ornaments from Christmas wrap and cards.
Make fun ornaments from Christmas wrap and cards.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Looking for an unusual summer craft to do? Every year you keep those beautiful Christmas cards and leftover wrapping paper. You just can't bear to throw them away. How about turning them into old fashioned Christmas ornaments for next year as a cool summer craft? Maybe it will help you forget about the heat. Friends and family will love seeing their Christmas cards kept and re-purposed. Imagine their surprise next year when they see what you've done with their Christmas cards and bits of recycled wrapping paper. Better yet, why not invite them to join you for this craft project?

What you will need

In order to complete this project, gather up all the leftover cards and wrapping paper from last Christmas. Set them to one side.

You will also need:

  • a pair of good sharp paper scissors

  • white glue

  • some pretty ribbon or yarn

  • paper punch

  • decoupage glue

  • a one inch craft brush

Now you're ready to make Christmas ornaments.

Choosing a design

Take a look at the recycled Christmas cards. You're looking for large objects on the recycled card that can be cut out. There will need to be room for a ¼ inch border all the way around the design. This border allows for holes to be punched. Do not cut the cards right away. There is a special method for cutting out the designs that will make the Christmas ornaments. The recycled wrapping paper backing must be attached first, so that it gets cut right along with the Christmas card.

Preparing the materials for cutting

Cut the white back off the Christmas cards. Save it for the next recycled project. Glue the wrapping paper to the back side of the printed card. Use white glue for this step. Now you should have two printed sides. One with the wrapping paper print, the other with the picture you want to cut out. Let the glue dry. Use the paintbrush and decoupage glue to thoroughly coat the printed card side. Let dry again.

Cutting and punching

Once the card is completely dry, it's time to cut out the recycled Christmas ornament. Use sharp scissors to cut out the design. Parents should do this for kids as a safety measure. Cut all around the design you have chosen, leaving that ¼ inch border around the design. Punch a hole at the very top of the recycled Christmas card design for hanging. Now punch even holes all the way around the design for lacing. The holes should be as close together and as even as possible.

Lacing, tying and finishing

Use the ribbon or yarn to lace all around the recycled card design. Go in and out of the punch holes. Leave the ends of the ribbon or yarn at the top of the ornament for hanging. Add a few purchased or leftover scrapbook embellishments if you wish. Spray with glitter, add snow paint or whatever you like. Now admire your work!

This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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