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Fun sensory activities for your child

Children learn by touching, feeling, and experiencing things with their hands. The more chances you give them to get their hands dirty the more they will learn. Here are some fun ideas to help bring different sensory experiences to your child.

Hands on learning
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Sensory bottles- Take an empty clean plastic bottle. Add water, food coloring, and a little bit of cooking oil. You can also add beads, sequins, or other shiny things. Glue the lid on and allow children to roll and shake the bottle to see what happens.

Sand- You can do so much with sand. Let your children play with traditional sand toys is an easy start. You can add any and all kinds of toys to enhance your child’s exploration; things from toy shovels, to toy cars, to shells etc. You can theme your sand play; beach play, construction, or digging for treasure. Each time you get out sand change the toys to encourage different kinds of play. Add water to some of the sand and talk about how it changes how the sand acts. Ask your child what else they think they can do with sand.

Water- You can do a lot of different activities using water as well. You can do sinking and floating experiments. You can have your child wash baby dolls with a small wash cloth and water. Scoops, eyedroppers, buckets, and sponges are also fun for children to play with in water.

These are just a few ideas of sensory activities you can try with your children. Talk to your child and ask what kinds of things they want to try. You might just be amazed at the things they come up with. Keep in mind when you encourage children to get involved in sensory activities they are hands on learning and often times very messy. Set the activity up somewhere that it’s okay to be messy and explore without fear of messing up the floor. There are so many different ways to bring sensory to children for other ideas check out Small Potatoes “30 Sensory Bin Activities for Kids…A Small Potatoes Sensory Round-Up!” The most important part of any activity is to engage your child in a fun learning experience.

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