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Fun.'s Jack Antonoff launches solo project Bleachers with 'I Wanna Get Better'

Jack Antonoff

Fun.'s Jack Antonoff launched his solo project Bleachers on Tuesday with the release of "I Wanna Get Better" via his Twitter account. Antonoff goes totally '80s on this weird, yet cool sounding single.

Fun. made a splash in 2012 with the album Some Nights, and they have been on a high since then. While on a world tour with the band, Antonoff secretly recorded some music of his own under the name Bleachers. "I Wanna Get Better" is the lead single from his upcoming album.

Antonoff kind of hinted to his new sound last year when co-writing the '80s-influenced pop track "Sweeter Than Fiction" with Taylor Swift. He embraces more of the '80s sound on his wild and rowdy single "I Wanna Get Better." Skipping synths and monotone background vocals back Antonoff as he tries to find peace within his troubled mind. "I wanna get better," he repeatedly tells himself on the chorus. Antonoff's solo single is a colorful, stream of consciousness-like trip back to one of the best periods in pop music.

Bleachers' debut album will be released sometime this spring.