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Fun Run saves money and furniture

Boy in an inflatable.
Boy in an inflatable.
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The kids are bouncing off the walls because they (and especially you) are ready for outdoor recreation. Unfortunately, according to the calendar there are at least two more months of winter, so play time outside is limited. Spare your furniture the abuse and head out to Fun Run, located at 1919 Industrial Drive, Liberty, MO. Fun Run is the just the place to send rowdy kids who like to jump and climb on coffee tables.
Fun Run has four large inflatables: two bounce houses, a slide, and an obstacle course. All of the inflatables provide great fun, exercise, and hopefully a good night sleep. Kids from 1-12 are welcome to play all day. There are no reservations needed since it is “open play” every day. Unless, you are scheduling a birthday party and need to reserve a large table.
Fun Run is open Monday through Sunday; the hours of operation are listed on the website. Parking is located at the front of the building and is well lit. Food and drinks can be purchased inside, but they are of the snack variety, so it’s best to eat before visiting the center. Admission is $7.50 per child, parents and kids under one are free. One important thing to remember before your visit is all children must wear socks before they are allowed to play on the inflatables.
If you are worried that your little ones may get knocked over by the older children, there are also two play-areas for toddlers. Kids three and under can run wild in the Tiny Tots Room or explore the Children’s Imagination Village. The Children’s Imagination Village is reminiscent of an old western town. There many “shops” that the little ones can go in and explore. Fun Run is a great deal at $7.50 for an entire day of play and the sanity it provides for parents is priceless.