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Fun, Royal Caribbean Style: A Cruiser's Top Three On board Activities

The 1970s Disco Inferno Street Party is one of the most vibrant events on board any Royal Caribbean cruise. Here is the author, David Kriso, demonstrating his 1970s flavor. Note his wig and the light-up ring.
David Kriso

Everyone has gone on a cruise at least once. Everyone has their favorite cruise line. Some enjoy the freestyle atmosphere on board Norwegian Cruise Line. Some prefer the more laid back background on board Princess, Cunard, and Celebrity. Some like the plain “fun” on board Carnival. The one cruise line which does a tremendous job with its on board activities is Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean has activities available for everyone. From day one to the very end, Royal Caribbean knows how to keep guests busy and most of all, well-entertained. With so much fun to be had, it’s hard to wonder why so many never want to leave the ship.

Royal Caribbean is a favorite amongst millions. There are fun activities which they enjoy participating in on every trip. Here are a few of passengers' favorites. It takes place on the Royal Promenade, the heart and soul of any Royal Caribbean ship. The #3 favorite on board activity is the 1970s Disco Inferno Street Party. This event normally takes place at the midpoint of the cruise. This is the most exciting dance party on the high seas. Late at night, the Royal Promenade comes alive with the musical flavors of the 1970s. The cruise director hosts the event. He/She leads the dancing, while the cruise staff gets the passengers in the swing of things on the Royal Promenade floor. The cruise staff dresses up as notable 1970s musical stars, including the Village People, K.C., and Donna Summer. From "YMCA", to "Love Train", to "Get Down Tonight", and "Stayin' Alive", everyone is in the 1970s mood and having the time of their lives. It's a ride back in time to the music that got America on its feet. The Royal Promenade floor literally becomes a time capsule onto itself. The passengers are wearing glow-in-the-dark necklaces, light up rings, and some avid Royal Caribbean cruisers pack 1970s gear, just for the event itself. Royal Caribbean passengers are strongly encouraged to pack a 1970s themed wig. (See the author's attached photo)

At the midpoint of any Royal Caribbean cruise, the #2 favorite on board activity gets everyone's energy levels flowing. It is “The Quest” game show. It is the most fun, the wildest, and most energetic game show on the high seas. “The Quest” is an on-site adult scavenger hunt. It is a fun event intended for a mature audience. The audience is split up into teams. The cruise director’s staff calls on two to sometimes four guests from each section to be team captains. Throughout the game, the team captains are put through a challenging race of time and speed. Each section of the audience, or team, contributes to the competition. Even the audience is counted on by the team captains to help them accomplish each "quest".

"The Quest" game show kicks off. The cruise director is the game show host. He/she announces what items are needed to be brought forward. At the start, the cruise director might ask for a twenty dollar bill, a Cruise Compass, a women’s purse (empty), or a hair pin. As the show progresses, the tasks get more and more risque. The cruise director will begin asking team captains to bring out items such as six belts tied together, a condom, a woman wearing a piercing other than in the ears, or even two women’s bras not being worn. Guests from each team are later asked to do some crazy things like creating a twelve-person pyramid or the men being tempted to dress up like women, using articles of clothing volunteered by the ladies. At the conclusion of "The Quest", the team captains receive first (Gold), second (Silver), and third place (Bronze) medals depending on the total points accumulated. "The Quest" is a late night event for passengers to highlight in their “Cruise Compass”. Further, it’s an event loaded with bizarre moments to share with friends and family at home.

The #1 favorite event is the “Men’s International Belly Flop Competition”. This event is a cruiser's kind of fun magnified one hundred times. Anyone who wishes to watch this event, he/she must find a good spot in the pool area FAST. It seems that all of the ladies take up the entire pool side edge. No one needs to ask why. It’s a no-brainer. The pool deck is jam packed with just about everyone. Guests even flock upstairs to the sun deck to get a good view of the event. Here’s how the Men's International Belly-flop Competition goes. Eight men voluntarily and bravely sign up to participate. Minutes later, the event kicks off. The cruise director hosts the competition. The wooden jumping platform, known as "The Hurt Box", is brought out and placed at the head of the pool. Once it's in place, the competition begins.

The rules are fairly simple. The Men's International Belly-flop Competition consists of two rounds. Each of the eight contestants have to perform two jumps, one in each round. The first jump is scored on style and grace. The second round is based on splash factor and SELF-INFLICTED PAIN. The passengers judge both jumps, on a score of 1 to 5. Passengers brace themselves during the second round. Those who volunteer to be judges, CAN AND WILL GET WET. Once both rounds are completed, the scores are tallied up. The top three belly floppers are awarded first, second, and third place medals. The first, second, and third place winners wind up being treated like the MVPs of the whole cruise. The Men's International Belly-flop Competition is not just one of the most fun activities on board, it’s an event featured on the “Cruise In Review” DVD. Further, for anyone who participates in the Men's International Belly-flop Competition, it’s an event which he will definitely want to be featured on YouTube.

Royal Caribbean’s on board atmosphere is nowhere shy of remarkable. From the day of embarkation, to the morning of disembarkation, the level of excitement is unsurpassed. The cruise director’s staff works tirelessly and extremely hard to make sure that everyone's on board experience is over-the-top unforgettable. They can count on it! Royal Caribbean provides that special experience for all ages to enjoy. Cruisers of all ages are invited that they dare to take part in “The Quest”, the “Men’s International Belly Flop Competition”, and the 1970s Disco Inferno Street Party. They’re all great opportunities to make their cruise experience on board any Royal Caribbean ship the utmost incomparable and indescribable. Royal Caribbean is not just a world class cruise line. It’s a cruise line with an on board atmosphere “anchored” in memories forged by all.

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